Tips for a GREAT Newsletter

Newsletters can be a fantastic marketing tool, but only if you create a high quality campaign.

Start with the Subject Line

Readers of newsletters want a subject that grabs their attention. Tease your content, but do not pull a “bait and switch” and report on completely unrelated subject/content.

Content: They Say It’s King

Yes, content rules, but only if it is REEEEEEAAAAALLLLYYY relevant to your audience. Watch this like a hawk.

If you have a blog, I suggest that you look to it for content. Share enough of the post to give your audience a taste and a link to the article on your website. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website.

If you are not blogging, write about current topics that might interest your readers. Need ideas? Consider what you have been reading over the past few weeks. What’s grabbed YOUR interest? Do you have a unique perspective to share on this topic?

Keep It Short & Simple

When reading online, no one wants to read huge blocks of text. Get to the facts. Tell the story. Avoid unnecessary details. Being thrifty with your words will pay off.

Consider Your Mailing Schedule

As we have said, once a month is a pretty good schedule to be on…but what day of the week should you mail? What time of day?

It depends on your audience and what device they use to read your newsletter. Generally, mid-week (Tuesday-Thursday) around 10:00 AM or 1:00 PM is best. People with desk jobs will often take a break from work and read personal emails around this time. Of course, if your target market are not desk job types, this will change their behavior.

Another “game changer” is the popularity of mobile devices. People reading newsletters on their mobile device tend to buck all trends that have been discovered over the years and, more often than not, read late at night.


One final word of advice: experiment with different subject lines, types of content, and mailing schedule. Watch your results in your back-end analytics. You will learn quickly what is or isn’t working. Many newsletter services offer something called an A/B Split Testing. You can send variations on your newsletter to different segments of your list and you can analyze what works in a side-by-side comparison. Some services will even break it down further. You can A/B Split test with 40% of your list and the final 60% will receive the most popular version of the newsletter.

To Sum It Up

Intriguing subject lines, quality content that is to the point, sent at a time your audience is open to reading your news are all you need to create a great newsletter. Get out there and start writing!